Get more Tasks Done.
One Task at a Time.


What is ShotClock?

ShotClock is a monotasking app for iPad and iPhone.
ShotClock helps you get more done quickly by focusing you on accomplishing one timed task at a time.

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"A goal without a date is just a dream."
— Milton H. Erickson


If you're like us you've sat down to accomplish a set of daily tasks and before you knew it time got away from you, and at best you got only a few things done. Multiply that by weeks, months and years and you'll realize that you've left a lot of your life on the table.

ShotClock aims to fix this by keeping you focused on accomplishing one task at a time, with a timer. It's simple but it works—by using momentum and focus to keep you on point until a single task is completed. Humans aren't multi-taskers, we work sequentially. And you'll be surprised how little time you need to do something when you give it your full attention and you're on the clock to get it done. 

With ShotClock you complete one timed task at a time and get on to the next one. Boom, boom, boom and you're done.